Press Release

Samsung 2015 Hong Kong Sports Stars Awards - Results of the Public Voting Lucky Draw

Prize HKID Tel Prize HKID Tel
1st D523XXX 9422XXXX 6th Y628XXX 6576XXXX
2nd Y709XXX 9360XXXX 7th D394XXX 9458XXXX
3rd P507XXX 9126XXXX 8th Y073XXX 6489XXXX
4th D650XXX 9099XXXX 9th Y748XXX 9307XXXX
5th R186XXX 9211XXXX 10th Y014XXX 9484XXXX

All winners will be notified individually. Winners should collect the prizes before 6 May 2016. Failure to do so will constitute forfeiture.  Trade Promotion Competition Licence no. : 46380, 46381

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